We are extremely professional and guarantee your success!

Our expert team with our partner lawyers in Georgia will make the process very easy for the applicant. In about 4 weeks, the financial license from the Georgian government is in your hands. This is world class!

The sequence

1. List and list all applicants / directors / shareholders, stating shares in% of shares.
Attention! For the foundation and granting of the license please take only natural persons. No legal persons.
Later we can exchange

2. You send us your CV

3. You send us a very good copy of your passport with Apostille

4. You send us a very good copy of your proof of your residential address (invoices not older than 6 weeks for electricity, gas, electricity, landline telephone or bank account statement)

5. You send us a power of attorney (POA) with apostille

6. You send us one to three suggestions for the name of the company

7. We start set up financial company (LLC)

8. We prepare all documents such as Business Plan and so on for the application of the license

9. We apply for the license after registering your company

10. We request the opening of bank accounts in Georgia

During this Prosess we are always happy to help you. Of course, after that. That's the after service.

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