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Company Formation Georgia


Georgia has earned its position as the dominant trading centre. Same is also known for its contemporary, changing and entrepreneurial corporate culture. The same is also strategically positioned at the crossroads of trade and commerce between East and West zones. Georgia is ideally located to tap markets in Central Asia and the Middle East, Europe and the CIS countries.

Its time zone allows him to join with the same benefits to all markets from America to Asia. On the bridge between Europe and Asia, the Georgian economy is strongly linked to the international markets. Because of the DCFTA with the EU Georgia estimates the direct access to almost one billion markets.

Companies that are active in Georgian industrial areas, have lively and genuine start-up procedures.

You will also enjoy tax-free trading opportunities. Free zone provided by the Georgian tax legislation, in which the pro-business regulations and a favourable tax and customs system apply. The Georgian Charter imposes no control in terms of foreign ownership of companies. Therefore, any legal or natural person who is domiciled or foreigners, a company in Georgia login.

Georgia is a member of the European Council.

Georgia is not a member of the automatic exchange of information.


Free Industrial Zones (FIZ)

One can enjoy the benefits listed below if you have a registered company in the free zone:

  • Tax incentives;

  • Simplified procedure;

  • Payments can be made in any currency;

  • Exemption from the majority of the licenses / permits;

  • Autonomy of local self-governing bodies.

In Georgia, there are three different free zones:

  • Poti Free Zone

  • Kutaisi Free Zone

  • Tbilisi Free Zone

Registration of a company in free zones:

The free zones in Georgia are very popular from the perspective of investment. There are many foreign companies that are in the Free Trade Area of ​​FDI in Georgia. Due to tax incentives and other benefits, other companies to enter Georgia plan.

place the establishment of a company in the free zone as soon as the application has been submitted by the company. The process of starting a business in a free zone in Georgia to be done by filing the appropriate applications. Corporate has other important information along with the application file:

  • Identification data of the applicant

  • Scheduling companies in free zones

The entire process to open a business in the Georgian Free Trade Association takes no more than 2 -5 days. For personal travel and about 25 days based on a power of attorney, without personal journey. Members of the National Agency must also submit some more documents for registration. Once all the information submitted,

you will receive the registration.

Now comes the next question is how can enrol in a free trade zone company. In response to the question raised the same company must be registered with the National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice.

The forms and documents we will work with you.

Conditions for registration:

During the registration process there are some important conditions to which you must adhere to complete the registration process. The same is issued by the Ministry of Justice based on the same company that is registered in the free zones. Moreover, the same company must apply for an annual license approval, which in turn is essential.

The process of business start-up in free zones is exactly the same as the registration of a company in Georgia. Once a company is registered, it will be put into operation and the day on which the company receives the incorporation form.

To register / start a business, some other documents must be submitted.

After all, the company receives a confirmation number and information on the registration process.

Licenses and fees in Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ):

  • General manufacturing license

  • General Trading License

  • Special trade license (limited to a certain type of activities)

  • IT Production / Service License

  • Consulting License

  • General Service License

  • Financial Service License (incl. Banking)

  • Bearing license

  • Logistics License

In TFZ registered companies are subject to the following fees and commissions:

  • Registration fee

  • royalties

  • Lease / rent fee

  • Documentation fees (issue the copy or replace the original license, the license changes, etc.)

E-wallets, Payment Processing and Issuing Electronic Money: Hybrid solution


Lead Payment Processing, e-wallets, offer Crypto Exchange and perhaps even provide your own tokens to trade in its own platform worldwide customers - these and other services please contact certified in a special Free Zone Financial License from Georgia. Fast, cheap, safe.

Setting up and regulating leave their own payment services provider or electronic money issuers will cost not only time but also a lot of capital. But there is another way; easier, faster and with much less headache, but without missing the licensing framework.

A special license issued in the leading free trade zone in Georgia makes it possible you to offer your customers payment processing business, the issuing or sell their own tokens, the Crypto-FIAT-exchange and provide electronic wallets.

The Free Zone financial license from Georgia is not subject to the National Bank, which can be a lot of regulatory expenses spared. Due to the limitation that dealt with Georgia and no Georgian residents and citizens may be served, the Free Zone Company is not regarded as a market participant and therefore not subject to any regulation of the National Bank.


They work on-shore with reputation, but enjoy deep offshore advantages like tax exemption and the elimination of regulatory hurdles etc.

Required Documents:

  • Notarized and Apostille copy of the passport of the Directors and Shareholders

  • Notarized and Apostille POA / power of attorney (you will receive after accounting)

  • Notarized and Apostille copy Proof of address of the Director and Shareholders

  • CV of the Directors and Shareholders

  • Criminal record of the Directors and Shareholders

Additional services that we like to provide:

  • Correspondence payment provider with EU / SEPA bank for SEPA execution: included. Costs on request

  • BTC interface via EU regulated payment provider: on request

  • Introducing to debit card co-fireships if you want to give your own Debit Cards


The Free Zone PSP and Electronic Money Issuing financial license can cover the following services.

These are described in detail mentioned in Annex licenses.

  • Offshore Forex *

  • Offshore asset management *

  • Crypto Services and services *

  • Publication of Debit Cards to international customers via e-money issuers *

  • Investment Consulting / Advise *

  • Offshore Portfolio Management *

  • ICO Launch *

  • Payment Processing *

  • Merchant Services, e-wallets *

  • Crypto Exchange *

  • Securities Trading token *

* They are classified as non-market participants in Georgia, if you follow the restriction, no Georgian residents and citizens to use.


  • Company formation (complete)

  • Elaboration of statutes and contracts

  • Registration with the local business register

  • Registration with the tax authorities

  • Creation of applications to the Free Zone

  • Registration in the free trade zone Tbilisi and obtaining an appropriate license

  • Preparation of requests to the government for obtaining the license

  • Royalties

  • Notary fees

  • Legal expenses

  • Official registration fees

  • Register address for 12 months

  • Official translations all applications and documents;

  • License Service with Financial Department and Free Zone Administration

  • Document preparation

  • Translations of all kinds

  • Notarization

  • AML Manuals Creation

  • Applications & documentation Support

  • License Support Service

  • Lawyers Support

  • Courier

  • Opening a bank account in the name of the company in one of the top three banks in the country with online banking / debit card / Digi pass and their delivery to the address you specify

  • Fees and commissions


The Free Zone financial license - for banking and financial services & Crypto Services

Immerse yourself in the world of international IT and / or financial services. Operate your own FIAT / Crypto Exchanger or asset management, launching your own Coin (ICO launch) and you get a permit and financial license to offer financial services that would otherwise require strict regulations.

Put on your products. Even offering banking services similar is permitted -and the completely exempt and flexible without the strict controls and regulation regulators. A state within a state makes it possible.

The Free Zones companies show unique advantages that you previously knew only offshore.

100% tax-exempt. Privacy protection and full bank accounts, including to establish customer funds to processes and your business clean and durable. Trust / nominee services are allowed and are made available by us on request. More simply does not work.


The advantages are apparent.

Simple operation permits even for financial services, a complete corporate tax exemption, business license for financial services that otherwise require regulations and to manage full-fledged bank accounts with online banking, private IBAN customer payments.


100% tax-free! Financial firms, IT companies, ICO and Crypto-based companies do not pay corporate and still operating taxes. The first two years are also to enjoy without any fees Free Zone. Say goodbye to costly and bureaucratic On-shore companies.


Each Free Zone Company (including financial services) comes with full-fledged bank accounts, each with its own IBAN account number, Multi Currency in USD, EUR, GBP and GEL. 4 accounts in a VISA card and online banking. We will also give you a SEPA Access to the hand, to within Europe manage payments accept & (SEPA conditions).


They offer the public your coin on its own ICO launch, you offer bank-like services, you operate crowdfunding or act like a hedge or mutual funds.

Also operating an own Crypto Exchange platform is possible, including the receipt of FIAT payments and their conversion into digital currencies.


We are happy to assist solutions in the provision of customer accounts software. We have close contacts with the market leaders in this field in Europe and beyond.


You get in Georgia a full IBAN bank account in the name of your company which is a multi-currency capable. It will be to manage in an account EUR / USD / GEL / RUB / GBP. In addition, the accounts with online banking, debit cards and Digi-pass feature.

You need not travel to Georgia!


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